Effective attic ventilation is critical for a long-lasting roof. Especially true for Floridians, our tropical climate creates greater heat and moisture conditions, which if not ventilated, can cause several destructive conditions: premature roof deterioration, peeling paint surfaces, wood rot, and mildew and mold growth. Trapped attic heat is also taxing against the conditioned air of your home and increases these cooling costs.

Cobra RidgeVent3 is a more energy efficient product providing the same ventilation equivalence in one box (40') as 18 conventional or 10 metal turbine roof vents. Designed with high-impact polymers, Cobra vents are crush resistant, watertight against 110-mph wind-driven rain and offer lifetime peace of mind with available lifetime limited warranty.

Our roofing specialists depend on the Cobra RidgeVent3 Attic Exhaust Vent for roof ridge applications. Cobra RidgeVent3 has a unique 'cap-over' design that disguises the vent underneath hip and ridge cap shingles installed over top and blends into your ridge line.


Where building codes are the strictest Statewide, Cobra RidgeVent3 is approved by Miami-Dade County and carries an Underwriters Laboratory classification. No other conventional roof vent offers the performance of 18 square inches per linear foot of net free ventilating area and earn the prestigious Good Housekeeping seal as Cobra RidgeVent3. Ask for Cobra Vent by name for retrofit, new construction and re-roof projects. Close this Browser Tab window when finshed.